Results from the Monday Night Raw in Orlando, FL

  1. Roman Reigns comes out to the ring after the crowd chants “Undertaker” for over 5 minutes. Reigns waits in the ring then the crowd chants “You Suck”, “Ass Hole”, Go Away”, “Ro-man Sucks” and some other things if you know what I mean. Every time he puts the mic to his mouth the crowd boo’s him. After a good 10 minutes, Roman says “It’s my yard now” and once again the crowd boo’s him.

  2. Raw Tag Team Title- The Hardy Boyz(c) vs The Club: The Hardy Boyz win to retain the titles

  3. Neville comes out and talks about his win last night at Wrestlemania then out comes Mustafa Ali

  4. Non Title Match- Neville vs Mustafa Ali: Neville wins 

  5. After the Cruiserweight matchup the camera’s go backstage and we see Mr. McMahon getting out of his limo. After a commercial break, we see Mr. McMahon in the ring and the crowd starts to get noisy. He talks about how awesome Wrestlemania was last night and Stephanie McMahon’s injury from falling through the table. Their will be a new general manager since Foley was fired and Stephanie is injured. And our new general manager of Monday Night Raw is…. Kurt Angle!

  6. After a commercial break, we are back with an entrance from the New Day. Again saying that Wrestlemania was really good last night, and offer an open challenge to anyone. And out come…. The Revival!

  7. Open Challenge Match- The Revival vs New Day: The Revival win and attack Kofi Kingston after the match

  8. Backstage Kurt Angle tells Enzo and Cass that they’ll be in a number one contender match later tonight vs Cesaro and Sheamus

  9. Bayley/ Sasha Banks/ Dana Brooke vs Charlotte/ Emma/ Nia Jax: Bayley/ Sasha Banks/ Dana Brooke win after Sasha Banks makes Charlotte tap to the banks statement

  10. We go backstage with Angle again to see him talking with Sami Zayn, then Jinder Mahal interrupts, so Kurt Angle makes a match tonight between them.

  11. Brock Lesner comes out to the ring, and as usual Paul Hayman talks for Lesner, then Braun Strowman comes out to the ring and they both stand face to face. After a couple minutes in the ring Strowman leaves

  12. Backstage again, Chris Jericho is getting interviewed, then all of a sudden Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe attack him out of no where. Then we see Kurt Angle leaving the trainers room, and comes Seth Rollins asking about Jericho. Angle says that Jericho can not wrestle later tonight. Which was going to be Jericho and Rollins vs Owens and Samoa Joe. But then Angle says he’ll find Rollins another partner.

  13. #1 Contender Match- Cesaro/ Sheamus vs Enzo Amore/ Big Cass: Cesaro/ Sheamus win to become the new #1 contenders for the Raw Tag Team Titles

  14. Sami Zayn vs Jinder Mahal: Sami Zayn wins

  15. Seth Rollins/ Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens/ Samoa Joe: Seth Rollins/ Finn Balor win by Balor pinning Owens