Results from the Monday Night Raw in Long Island, NY

Photo was made by SKGraphix

  1. We start up with the announcers table (including Byron Saxton, Michael Cole, and Corey Graves) telling us about what will be happening on Raw tonight, which is the superstar shakeup. 

  2. John Cena’s music hits, but we see that The Miz and Maryse come out instead! Looks like this is already one shakeup. (I think it was Daniel Bryan’s idea for this one… I’m just messing around) Both of them are still mocking Cena and Nikki, when the Intercontinental champion, Dean Ambrose comes out! (Another superstar shakeup) Ambrose mocks “Cena and Nikki” on getting engaged at Wrestlemania, and pretends that Miz and Maryse are actually Cena and Nikki. Miz tells Ambrose that he’s actually the Miz and Maryse is actually Maryse, then Ambrose gives Miz Dirty Deeds.

  3. A preview of Roman Reigns getting interviewed by Michael Cole about the Undertaker. Then another preview of the match that is coming up next, which is The New Day vs The Revival. We go to commercial.

  4. Back from commercial, we see Curt Angle is backstage on the phone, Sami Zayn walks in and he wants to know if he is staying on Raw or going to Smackdown Live. Then we see Miz and Maryse storm in about what just happened while Zayn is still in the room. Sami is annoyed with Miz, so Kurt Angle makes a match between the two of them later tonight. 

  5. Big E and Xavier Woods are in the ring talking about how Kofi Kingston is injured with an ankle problem so he won’t be here tonight.

  6. The Revival vs New Day: The Revival win

  7. A preview of Seth Rollins and what he’ll do, staying on Raw or going to Smackdown Live? We’ll find out later tonight! Then to commercial.

  8. Back from commercial, Neville is getting interviewed about Austin Aries winning the fatal 4 way match on 205 Live last week.  He is interrupted by Tj Perkins who says that he’ll get the Cruiserweight Title back. Then they both get interrupted by Austin Aries who says that Neville is lying to Perkins and that he shouldn’t believe it.

  9. Back to the ring where we see Curt Hawkins (Another superstar shakeup) He says he back on Monday Night Raw, when he is interrupted by The Big Show. Right when Big Show gets in the ring he KO punches Hawkins and leaves him lying in the ring.

  10. The same preview of Roman Reigns and what he has to say about the Undertaker. Then to commercial.

  11. Back from commercial it’s Austin Aries vs Tj Perkins with Neville at commentary.

    Tj Perkins vs Austin Aries: Tj Perkins wins after Neville distracts Aries then Perkins attacks Aries after the match

  12. We see backstage that Rollins is talking to Enzo Amore and Bog Cass, then to commercial.

  13. Back from commercial, Seth Rollins is in the ring talking about his Wrestlemania match against HHH. Including when Stephanie McMahon was put through the table. Rollins says he’s definitely not going to Smackdown Live because thats the “easy way out” and Rollins is a new person and he doesn’t like the easy way out. Kurt Angle comes out and says that Stephanie does want him gone but he’s not going anywhere but staying on Monday Night Raw. Samoa Joe pops out of no where and attacks Rollins, then Rollins knocks Joe out of the ring. 

  14.  Backstage Kevin Owens is getting interviewed about the superstar shakeup and he say that, “they can do whatever they want”

  15. Back to the ring Charlottes music hits and the commentators say its Charlotte vs Nia Jax. Then to commercial

  16. Nia Jax vs Charlotte: Nia Jax wins 

  17. Back from commercial, Jinder Mahal is already in the ring, then Finn Balor’s music hits.

  18. Finn Balor vs Jinder Mahal: Finn Balor wins but Bray Wyatt shows up on the screen and challenges Balor. Then to commercial

  19. Back from the break we hear that 4 new superstars are moving over to Raw including Apollo Crews, Kalisto, Heath Slater and Rhino.

    Sami Zayn vs The Miz: Sami Zayn wins to make The Miz lose his Raw “debut”

  20. A preview of whats to come up next which is the Roman Reigns interview!! Then to commercial

  21. Back from commercial, Reigns is getting interviewed by Michael Cole about the Undertaker. Out of no where Braun Strowman attacks Reigns, and he had to get carried out on a stretcher. Then to commercial break.

  22. Back from commercial, Reigns is getting put into an ambulance an getting sent to the hospital.

  23. The Hardy Boyz/ Cesaro and Sheamus vs The Club/ Shining Stars: The Hardy Boyz/ Cesaro and Sheamus win

  24. Backstage Dana Brooke is backstage reading a book when Emma interrupts her. Dana says that she is on her own now and will keep getting better.

  25. We see Bayley with her Women’s Title walking towards the ring backstage, then to commercial.

  26. Back from the break, Sasha Banks music hits and she starts walking towards the ring. Sasha announces Bayley to the ring and Bayley comes out but so does Alexa Bliss!! (Another superstar shakeup) With amazing mic skills Alexa Bliss is challenging Bayley for the title but before she could finish…. Another superstar shakeup…. Mickie James!! Nia Jax comes out of no where and attacks Mickie, Bayley and Sasha, with Alexa Bliss getting out of the way.

  27. A preview od what’s to come next, which is champion vs champion, Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens. Then to commercial. 

  28. Champion vs Champion Match- Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens: Dean Ambrose wins and Chris Jericho comes out and gives a codebreaker to Owens